If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen offers freebies or paid offers or whatever, telling you that this is the email that I sent to my list that earn me $50,000. Or this is the exact process I used to sell to completely sell out my brand spanking new program.

Maybe you’ve even bought them or downloaded them, and you’ve gone through them and you’ve implemented that program that that system or whatever it is, and you found that it doesn’t work. So you’ve implemented this whole new system, and you sit back and you’re expecting to bring in the money and it just doesn’t happen. There’s no ca-ching of your cash register. There’s no new payments into your bank account, and you’re wondering what you’ve done wrong. Why can this system work for them and just not for you?

A group of people making a connection over an ipad

Well, the real answer is that when you’re looking at these programs from the outside, you’re not seeing how many people are working on it or how many people are creating the content for it, how much they’re spending in ads, what the actual revenue is, from whatever launch they’ve just done.

So yes, they might have earned $9,000 or $9 million, or whatever it is. But did they spend $8 million in ads, and they’re really only just earn that 1 million? I mean, that that’s the thing that we’re not seeing.

But on the other hand, too, when we’re talking in terms of this one email that people have sent that’s earn them $15,000, or whatever, how big is that person’s list? How long have they been in business? How much much how much of an audience have they got? How nurtured are these people. So we’re not getting that context that shows us why things like this system, or this email is working.

The reality for a lot of us is that we’re starting out brand spanking new businesses, we have got no audience, we’ve often we’ve got very little money to invest in the business as a whole, let alone in just things like ads and marketing. So when we come to it, when we’re setting up our sales funnels, or our email, welcome sequences or whatever, we don’t have that audience to run through and earn the money from.

This is why I talk so much about why building your audience is so important. And why being visible on social media, especially if your audience is people who work from home people who are solo entrepreneurs, or people who have virtual teams that are quite small. That’s why being on social media is so important.

You need to get out in front of them, you need to get them to see you, in order to build your community. Your community is the group of people who are most likely to buy your thing. You’re going to find that over time, as your audience grows, it gets easier and easier to sell to them. Because you’ve done the nurturing and you’ve spent the time getting them in there getting them listening to you getting them to see that you are an expert, that you know what you’re talking about.

Buyers can be split into two groups, generally, the biggest group are the ones that come from your community. The ones that are they might be in your Facebook group, they might be on your email list, but you’ve been nurturing them for a while, you know, they exist, you know that they’re interested. I mean, they might not be ready to buy just yet. But at some point, they will probably buy with you.

So you see these ones coming in, you’re able to nurture them and get them ready to buy from you.

But then there are also going to be a smaller group of people who you don’t see coming. They’ve been consuming your content quietly, they’ve been listening to your podcast, reading your blog’s watching your video, maybe they are in your Facebook group, maybe they have just seen you in somebody else’s Facebook group. And all of a sudden, they come out of nowhere and they sign up and they pay you however much to get in your program. And that’s your job done.

This is what your content is for and this is why being visible on social media content is so important. It’s because if you’re not, if you want to take advantage of these people who are watching you quietly from afar – and these can be lucrative clients – as well as the people coming from your audience. You do need to nurture them in a way that they appreciate.

And maybe that is just by reading blog posts or listening to your podcast or what ever, but without the visibility on social, the long form content or whatever, they can’t find you and they can’t see you. And they can’t be quietly nurtured by you. The content you’re creating to help nurture your community, as well as to help the silent buyers find you needs to do the know like and trust thing, it needs to bring people in, teach them about you, show them that you are an expert and get them to like you.

So it needs your personality, on social media with the algorithms the way it is, you also need to create engagement. And that can be done by doing things like creating fun posts that get people to react, doesn’t necessarily have to be strictly about your business. But it needs to get people to like and preferably comment, and create that conversation between you and them.

Because when platforms like Facebook, see that you and this other person talk a lot, they will show them more of your content. So that’s why that engagement content is so important. An important thing to remember at this point is that you don’t need to do it all each week that it can, it’s okay, if you don’t post every single day, it’s okay, if you only post in one or two groups, you don’t need to burn yourself out creating social media content. For the sake of being visible, it’s important that this is something that you can that you can keep up because being a bit consistent, is also important to your business.

Which brings me to the point of creating a library to keep your social media content in these is something that could be like a Trello board or a Google Doc, something that you can access from your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet that you can copy and paste something that you’ve already written and reuse it in the future. I tend to use a Google Doc. And I also posted at the bottom that this is the last date I use this piece of content on and this was the group that I used it in so that I don’t accidentally share the same thing too frequently in the one place.

This route is really, really helpful for when you are tired, and you just can’t do it. But you know, you’ve got a launch coming up. And you know, you need to get out in front of people. So that’s what you need to do to, you need to create that content stored in the library so you can reuse it in the future. Yep, it is a bit of work to get started. But it pays off. And it’s really valuable to your business.

And finally, I wanted to talk about perfectionism. I think a lot of us have this idea in our heads that if we’re going to show behind the scenes photos, especially when we work at home, we need to have Pinterest perfect homes, we need to be made up with our perfect makeup with our perfect hair wearing unblemished outfits, and you know, be model perfect. And that’s really not the case.

People want to connect with you and they want to connect with you as a real person. And real people have bad days, they get out of bed, they don’t brush their hair, they might still be working in their pajamas, because they haven’t had time or the emotional space or energy to shower and do all the regular stuff each morning. And that’s fine. Because the thing is, a lot of the people that you’re working with are having those bad days too.

So they want to connect with you. on that level. We connect with the imperfection in people the differences that we see the ability to share the shit that goes wrong in our day. So if you’re not perfect, don’t worry because nobody else is. And they really want to see that they’re not alone. Because feeling imperfect. In a world that seems really perfect is kind of lonely. So yeah, get out there be your imperfect self and be visible, because that’s what you need. That’s what your business needs, if you want to earn money. Alrighty, so that is this week’s episode and thank you for joining me. Bye for now.