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Pretty Pictures

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I know how hard it is to find body positive and diverse stock images for my website, social media and digital products.

Come to think of it, finding anything containing someone who isn’t young and perfect is a bit of a struggle.

That’s why I created Pretty Pictures

Stock that focuses on the people that other places forget.

Perfect for

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Each month I’ll add a minimum of 20 new images which you’ll get access to through the membership portal.

You can download as many as you like for…all the things.

Each month I’ll upload a minimum of 20 images each month…probably more most months.

Absolutely! Just get in touch, no questions asked (sorry, it’s a limitation with Stripe, not a ruse to keep you trapped).

A commercial license. This means you’ll be able to add them to your website, use them for social media, digital products and in printed materials (books, journals or whatever)

The only thing you can’t do is sell the images as stock of your own.